Where are we located?

About 30 minutes northwest of Downtown Shreveport.

About 25 minutes northeast of Marshall, Texas.

About 12 minutes north of Waskom, Texas.

Address: 3853 FM1999, Karnack, Texas. 75661

All visits and tours are by appointment only. Call 318-402-1811

How big is The Venue?

Our venue (also affectionately called the "barn") is approximately 6,500 square feet with an additional mezzanine level that is another 2,000 square feet. It was created to feel cozy whether hosting a large or small group of guests.

How many people can the barn hold?

We can accommodate up to 300 guests extremely comfortably in the barn.

What if I need extra space?

We can help you configure the barn or other areas of the farm to accommodate your needs. There are additional outside areas surrounding the barn, as well as other large indoor, yet cozy, air-conditioned buildings (the 2,500 square foot building beside the 1,800 square foot entertainment room)

What kind of event can I rent the barn for?

Here at our family's beautiful venue, we specialize in weddings only.

Where do people park?

Our staff directs all your guest to the convenient areas of parking.

Also, included is a shuttle (6 person covered golf cart) driven by a staff member to aid any persons needing assistance from their vehicles to the Venue. We also accommodate handicap parking.

What are the time slots for setting up, wedding times, clean up, etc.?

In all our rental options, the time slots are the same. You have the entire weekend.

You have from the time the sun comes up on Friday morning until however late you need to decorate.

You have the entire day Saturday to continue preparations.

You set whatever time you want for your wedding to begin and end.

Unlike other Venues your reception may continue on as late as you like, there is no set ending time - with no additional charges.
Be our guest and enjoy the sunrise if you like or send everyone home early... your choice.

Sunday you either leave the Venue and grounds like you found it or we keep your $400 clean up deposit and we clean it. Must be out by Sunday sunset.

Does the barn have a kitchen?

Yes, we have a large commercial kitchen that includes two gas burning stoves, two large microwaves, as well as two refrigerators. We've included plenty of space for you and your assistants, or your catering company of choice, to prepare and serve the level of food quality your guests deserve.

Can you have the rehearsal dinner the night before in the Venue?

Yes, and you make your own choice for the caterer.

Decorations/Setting Up?

You may decorate the venue how you like as long as there is no structural change to any of the buildings. Like drilling holes or inserting nails to hang decorations. Any self-sticking hooks or clips that do not leave residue are allowed.

The floor plan is at your discretion, WE DO NOT assist in any setting up or decorating.

Flammable Items?

Sparklers are allowed in the designated areas around the facility for send offs.


  • Luminaries
  • Candles
  • Fireworks
  • Flammable decorations of any sort.

Is there an Ice Machine?

There is a commercial ice machine. Our staff will bring ice to you as needed in as many ice chest as you may need.

Is there a bar for serving beverages?

Yes, the full-length bar we've carefully designed into the barn serves as an initial gathering and greeting place for your guests when they come into the venue. You will have complete flexibility and control over the beverages you choose to bring in and serve your guests.

  • Cash Bar (with license)
  • Open Bar (that you supply and give away)
  • BYOB
There is also a convenient secondary bar on the upper level for your guest.

Do I need a license to serve alcohol?

You may choose to serve free alcoholic drinks to your guests but charging for drinks requires a temporary license. The license is easy to obtain. Please contact us for more information or questions concerning alcohol.

Are tables and chairs included in the rental package?

Yes, we provide classy comfortable chairs as well as both round and rectangular tables because we know this is one less worry for brides and wedding planners. Working with your Wedding Planner you may design the exact configuration of tables and chairs you desire for your wedding and reception.

What sizes are the tables?

  • About 30 four foot round tables.
  • About 30 five foot round tables.
  • 4 "S" shaped buffet tables about 2 1/2 feet wide and 6 feet long.
  • 4 rectangle tables 6 feet long and about 2 1/2 feet wide.
  • About 60 round bar top tables about 4 feet high and about 2 feet around.

What about trash?

Our staff takes out the trash throughout the wedding. If there is trash before the wedding then tell our staff and we will take care of it for you.

We provide the trash cans and we provide the trash bags.

What kind of linens do you carry?

Because each bride and groom have their own tastes in linen fabrics and colors, we do NOT carry linens in-house.

Does the barn have a bridal suite?

Yes, two spacious suites with full-length mirrors and large vanities provide a family-like, secluded atmosphere for members of the bridal party to get ready, and to have a place to store their belongings throughout the event. We have a suite on the main floor as well as one on the mezzanine level.

Also, many wedding parties rent the 2 bedroom, 2 full baths, living room and full kitchen barn apartment to use to get ready and to spend the weekend.

What kind of audio/video system is in the barn?

We do have speakers for you to connect your device.

However, we strongly recommend using a DJ. As we have seen that works the best for the entire wedding party's enjoyment.

Our barn is equipped with the latest high-tech components to ensure that your communication needs are met. The in-house audio system has wired microphones and can accommodate a variety of mobile devices for playing or streaming music.

Need to show a memory video or photo slideshow? Our HD video projector and 14x12 foot screen will bring your movies, slides and presentations to life.

Is wireless internet available?

Sorry, but we do not offer internet or Wi-Fi to our guests due to our remote location.

Verizon service has always worked perfectly here. So we recommend using a Verizon hot spot from a phone or other device for your internet needs.

Are there areas outside to take photos?

Absolutely! We selected this charming setting due in part to the many mature trees growing on the land. Over the past year or two we've been busy not only designing and constructing the many buildings you'll see on the Farm, but also adding in wonderful landscaping elements that further enhance the beauty and uniqueness of the grounds.

If you're looking for photo opportunities, check out our five water wheels that are both ornamental and functional for the water canal that surrounds the island. Or, stage your honoree(s) and guests atop the bridge spanning over to the island. That's a photo everyone will always cherish.

Arrange a time in advance to take pictures too at NO additional charge if you have made a deposit on your date.

How much does it cost to rent the barn?

Please see Pricing on the Wedding Packages page of this site.

There are several options for almost every budget.

Just remember, a non-refundable deposit is required to hold your date and the remainder is due 30 days prior to your wedding.

Do we provide any wedding planning service?

Unfortunately, not. You can decide on any wedding planner you like.

Is there a list of caterers that you must use?

Absolutely NOT. Use whatever food service you like. Our belief is that you & your guest are eating the food, so you alone should determine what you serve and by whom. Your caterer only needs to send us a copy of their insurance 30 days before your wedding.

Do you need security?

We reserve the right 30 days prior to your wedding to require security if the wedding will host more than 250 people.

We recommend that you do have some form of trained security, yet it is normally not required as most weddings are a joyful event without the need to worry about unruly people.

What are the insurance requirements?

A "renters' policy" is required and Doodley Dee's Farm has to be listed as an additional insured.

You can easily contact your insurance agent and they normally will be glad to provide you a policy for the rental term for a small fee.

Are there any cabins or places to stay on the property?


There are two luxury accommodations (Guest apartment and guest cabin).

One is a 2 bedroom; 2 full baths; living room; full kitchen; large covered patio on the second floor of the barn.

Second is a fully detached cabin with 2 bedrooms; 2 full baths; living room; full kitchen; and nice large covered front porch.

See the pricing on the Wedding Packages page.

Have a question not listed here?

Please call us at (318) 402-1811 and we will be happy to assist you.

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